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USP grade Propylene Glycol

Is Propylene Glycol USP Food Grade?
Yes, Propylene Glycol USP is approved for use in Food and Beverage additive applications. Propylene glycol USP is considered a food grade glycolThese products have been packaged in conformance to USDA and FDA requirements. Our Propylene Glycol USP has been packaged in a class 8 clean room and is stored in an food approved storage facility. These products may be used as an additive.

Where dies this product ship from?
Salt Lake City, Utah or Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the lead time?
If you order from ChemWorld.com by 11am we typically can ship the same day. If it is absolute rush, please contact us us so we may meet your expectations.

Can anyone purchase Propylene Glycol online?
Yes. We can ship anywhere. For 55 gallon drum deliveries there may be additional charges for farm or home deliveries. Please contact us after ordering if you need a lift gate to get the drum off the truck.

What size containers does Propylene Glycol USP come in?
ChemWorld sells 1, 5 and 55 gallon containers of Propylene Glycol USP are in stock.

What other types of Propylene Glycol are there?
Not all Propylene Glycol is USP certified. If you dont require USP certified Propylene Glycol, purchase just pure glycol,

Does Propylene Glycol stop corrosion?
This grade does not corrosion. If you have iron in the system and are concerned about corrosion, you need to purchase USP grade PG.

What are come applications of Propylene Glycol USP?
Some applications include beverage and flavoring companies, pharmaceutical companies, preservers and canneries, candy manufactures, dairies, distilleries, breweries, meat processing, e-cigs, poultry processors, and vegetable and animal fat processors.
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Propylene Glycol USP - 326 Gallons Propylene Glycol USP - 4x55 Gallons Propylene Glycol USP
Propylene Glycol USP - 326 Gallons
Our Price: $4,999.99
Sale Price: $4,999.99
Propylene Glycol USP - 4x55 Gallon
Our Price: $3,999.99
Sale Price: $3,699.99
Savings: $300.00
Propylene Glycol USP - 5 Gallon
Our Price: $219.99
Sale Price: $154.99
Savings: $65.00
Propylene Glycol USP - 326 Gallons Propylene Glycol USP - 4x55 Gallons Propylene Glycol USP - 5 Gallon
USP Propylene Glycol
USP Propylene Glycol - 1 Gallon
Our Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Savings: $30.00
USP Propylene Glycol - 1 Gallon
For more information, please contact us at 800-658-7716 or email our sales consultant at JZajac@ChemWorld.com.

What is the freeze point of propylene glycol usp in water.
The most common dilutions of Propylene Glycol USP with water is between 20 to 40%. Use a Propylene Glycol chart to determine your freeze point. Freeze points can be confirmed with a glycol refractometer or nitrite test strips.

Which Propylene Glycol should I use when making an antifreeze?
Make sure to purchase the correct Propylene Glycol Antifreeze. If you need help call email us at sales@ChemWorld.com or visit our "How to Make Glycol Antifreeze page".

How much Propylene Glycol be added to food?
Propylene Glycol USP is used in many applications. If you are using the product directly in a Food or Beverage applications and it is your first time, please seek expert advice on proper dosage rates. For legal reasons we do not provide consultation on usage rates. For more information, please contact us at 800-658-7716.

Where can I obtain a copy of the Propylene Glycol MSDS?
You can download the Propylene Glycol MSDS online.